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​​​About Me

I am a hard working woman that is dedicated and passionately enjoys assisting others with their problems. I have been doing this work all my life and because of my hands on passion to help; I started my business Ladyy Hauler.

It is my passion to be of service to both Companies and Local Residents who are in need of Hauling & Cleaning Services. I surround myself and my business with like-minded people.

Just give us a Call and we will customize a service quote just for your specific needs.

JT Trammell
JT here bringing you a quick message. We want to assist you with your unwanted items and 'cluttery' mess, Why? Because,
"We have all your Hauling & Cleaning needs met."


Jaron T, Contractor
Tennita Clark, Client
My name is Tennita F Clark, Owner/Operator of Beautiful Memories Travel.

In 2004, I purchased a home through the Rehabilitation Program that needed some work done.

To cut some of the overpriced bids I was receiving from General Contractors, I contacted JT to take a look at the house and did a walk-through and explained what I wanted to be done.

There was make-shift walls put up that I wanted to come down, the ceilings were lowered and had square paneling and wood panel boards on the walls.

We came to a price that I could afford, scheduled the date for demolition work to begin and the rest was history. While in this home JT also provided outside lawn care services and light landscaping.

 I have used Ladyy Hauler for multiple services in the past. She provides a great service. She ripped up two rooms of carpet for me and hauled them away. I highly recommend her services.

- Tennita F Clark
Ms. Trammell, I want to thank you for helping me jump start my business "Helping Hands Hauling & Lawn Care".

Without you I would probably gave up a long time ago; but your encouraging words motivated me to stay with it and press forward.

You found the work, you wrote up the contracts and you assisted in completing the jobs.

Thank you for your guidance, structure, teachings and leadership. Thank you for everything and if you ever need me just call.

I wish her nothing but the best. She would be an excellent addition to your company.

​- Jaron T