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The Birth Of Ladyy Hauler

The way my company was born is very similar to the story of “The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf.” Each house that was blown down, represented a different stage with attached dreams in my life, and ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ was ‘Life’.

First house was made of straw with a grassy foundation. My dreams were plentiful but they were flimsy and the grass stained the surface. Big Bad Wolf came and blew it down.

Second house was made of sticks on a mud foundation. My dreams were more stable but I began to sink into the mud as the storms rolled through. I was STUCK! It was tough trying to get out, but before I could get unstuck; Big Bad Wolf came and blew it down.

NOW, this third house was made of bricks on concrete foundation. I had found my stable and secure foundation here in TEXAS. My dreams and aspirations had upgraded to ‘BRICKS’ I finally had a strong enough foundation to support everything I planned to achieve.

My passion for helping people in many different ways has begun. By partnering with Ladyy Hauler, you are allowing us to step in and lighten your loads.